How to Get a Replacement Key Fob For Your 2003 GMC Sierra

If you’re looking to get a replacement key fob for your 2003 GMC Sierra, you’ve come to the right place. We have information on everything from a new battery to a new remote.

Change the battery, Replacement Key Fob For Your 2003 GMC Sierra

If you are having trouble starting your 2003 GMC Sierra, you can replace your key fob battery. It is relatively easy to do, and you can find a replacement battery at any auto store. Getting a new battery will give your key fob a longer life.

To change the battery on your 2003 GMC Sierra, you will first need a flathead screwdriver. You will then need to open the back panel of your key fob. This will then allow you to get access to the internal wiring.

When you get to the battery, you need to pull out the old battery and put in the new one. Be sure that the new one is positive and faces you.

The battery on your 2003 GMC Sierra key fob is located on the back of the key cover. Once you get the battery out, you can remove the housing. As you remove it, you will need to make sure the housing is aligned with the battery so that it fits.

Next, you will need to get the housing back together. To do this, you will need to press the two halves of the key together. Afterwards, you can snap the halves of the key back together.

You can also use an automotive locksmith to do this. However, you will need to know the correct code for the type of key you have. That is why it is important to write down the key code before getting it replaced.

Unlock the vehicle

GMC Sierras have a passive door locking feature that can help prevent accidental lockout. However, the system is only active when the key is in the driver’s hand. For this reason, it is very important to have the key with you at all times. If you lose the key, you will need to call a locksmith to unlock the Sierra for you.

To unlock the 2003 GMC Sierra, the first step is to hold the unlock button on the driver’s door. This will allow the doors to cycle through. The second step is to press the start/stop button three times.

Next, the dashboard display should show you that the vehicle is in learn mode. When this happens, you can begin to program your new remote.

Replacement_Key_Fob_For_Your_2003 GMC Sierra1
Replacement Key Fob For Your 2003 GMC Sierra

You may want to check your battery. If the battery is dead, the key will not work. Your dealership can help you replace the battery. Or you can try a battery tester at an auto parts store.

Before you can program your remote, it will be necessary to unlock the 2003 GMC Sierra. During this process, you can also change the settings on your infotainment system.

After you have finished, you should have a new remote that you can use to unlock your GMC. It will be programmed to your vehicle.

Get a spare key or remote

When you lose your GMC Sierra key or remote you will have a few options to choose from. You can try programming your own key fob or calling your dealer to get a replacement.

The key fob is a battery operated device that locks and unlocks your car. Most newer cars have a keyless entry system built into the key. If you have a non-transponder metal key, you don’t need to worry about programming it.

The other option is to call an automotive locksmith. This type of professional will likely be able to make you a new key or remote for a small fee. However, it may take several days to arrive. A cheaper alternative is to buy a second key fob.

Whether you opt to get a new key or a remote, you should make sure that you have the right one. The correct one will allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle from a distance.

Before you go out to get a spare key or remote for your 2003 GMC Sierra, be sure to research the different kinds of key options available. Each key option has its own features and benefits.

Purchasing an extra key or remote will not only save you time, but it will also help you recoup some of the costs. For instance, if you are selling your vehicle, you will be able to get more money for it.

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