2021 GMC Sierra: Buying a Key Fob For Your 2021 GMC Sierra

If you have bought a new 2021 GMC Sierra, you might be thinking about purchasing a key fob for your car. These items are not cheap, so you want to be sure you get the right one. Whether it is a transmitter or a key, there are several different types that you can choose from. Here are a few tips to help you decide which is the best fit for your vehicle.

Key Fob on a 2008 GMC Sierra
2021 GMC Sierra

2021 GMC Sierra: Installing the key fob

There are many benefits to the GMC Sierra remote start feature. It can help you start the vehicle before you get there, it can heat up the interior before passengers arrive, it can turn on the air conditioning before the temperature gets too hot, and more.

Unlike a normal key, a remote starter doesn’t need you to leave the vehicle for a few minutes to test it. Instead, it’s just a matter of pressing a few buttons. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a remote starter doesn’t work in a non-parking vehicle.

To use the GMC Sierra remote start feature, you first need to unlock the door. You should be able to do this with the lock button on the OEM remote. After you do this, you should see a countdown on the screen.

When you’re done with the countdown, press the power button on the remote. This will start your engine for fifteen minutes. The engine will shut down automatically after the period is up.

2021 GMC Sierra: Programming the remote

GMC Sierra 1500 is a modern workhorse wrapped in stunning design and features dazzling LED lights. The Remote Start feature is also included. This feature allows users to start the truck remotely, de-ice the windshield and get the cabin pre-warmed.

The Sierra 1500 remote start feature requires that users have the proper keys. If the car owner has a key that is not compatible with the remote start system, it must be reprogrammed by a licensed locksmith.

GMC vehicles come equipped with two sets of keys. One set is for regular use, and the other is for factory remote start. Once the key is reprogrammed, the car owner must turn the ignition switch on and off several times.

The Sierra 1500 remote start feature allows users to unlock and lock their truck while the vehicle is running. In addition, this feature helps prevent fuel from burning in the driveway.

Once the vehicle has been started with the remote, it will stay running for 10 minutes. If the engine is not running, it will turn off automatically.

2021 GMC Sierra: Removing the transmitter

If your 2021 GMC Sierra is not starting properly or isn’t unlocking the doors, you may need to replace the transmitter. You can buy a replacement through your dealer. The new transmitter will come with instructions.

You can also ask your car care professional for assistance. They will be able to check the receiver and help you program the new transmitter.

First, you need to check your battery. Key fob batteries are usually $10 or less. You can purchase them online or at your local hardware store. Once you have replaced the battery, the system should work.

Next, you should look for signs of damage. Some of the common causes of key fob problems are the buttons, the internal contacts, or a faulty battery.

In addition, you will want to test your vehicle’s remote transmitters. Each vehicle can have up to eight of these matched. Syncing issues are common if only one transmitter is in use.

Removing the battery

If you’re experiencing problems with your keyless entry system, you might need to replace the battery. It can be a quick, simple fix. You will need to remove the back cover of the key fob, which you can do with a flathead screwdriver. Then, you will need to press a button on the front of the key and turn the car into the “ON” position.

After a key fob’s battery has been replaced, the functions of the remote will work again. But you might notice a reduced signal strength. That is because the new battery will not fit your old key. To avoid these problems, you should find the correct replacement for your GMC Sierra.

Luckily, GMC has a series of troubleshooting guides that can help you with your repair. Depending on the model of your vehicle, there are different types of key fobs that you can use.

For the most part, GMC key fob batteries are not difficult to replace. However, if you have a newer model, you might need to consult a dealership or an automotive locksmith.


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